Pumps, Motors, Valves & Cylinders

We specialize in the service of hydraulic components for plastic injection molding machines. Because many of these machines are manufactured overseas lead times for components can be months. By stocking and repairing components in North America we cut lead time in half and have customers back in production faster.

Many older model machines utilize components no longer available from the original equipment manufacturer. To tackle this problem we keep a stock of re-manufactured parts and repair these aging components to extend the life span of your assets. We have the knowledge to restore your components to OEM specification.

All types of hydraulic cylinders are rebuilt in house. Older cylinders with OEN seal kits are not a problem. Our custom sealing solutions make unusual seals and sizing a non-issue.

Our Process

Electro-Hydraulic Pumps

  • Overhaul pumping action, replace bearings, re-seal, refit hydraulic controls and overhaul valve packs
  • Check pressure and position sensors, calibrate and tune amplifiers
  • Run test pump with input command signals to verify specific machine requirements can be met by pump performance
  • Electro hydraulic pump repairs include Daikin, Yuken, Kawasaki, Bosch Rexroth and much more

Hydraulically Controlled Piston Pumps

  • Overhaul pumping action & replace bearings
  • Overhaul compensator
  • Reseal
  • Hydraulic run test and set compensator to customer’s required pressure

Constant Volume Hydraulic Vane and Gear Pumps

  • Resurface pressure plates and thrust plates
  • Reseal complete
  • Test to manufacturer specification for flow and pressure

Hydraulic Motors

  • Supply & install replacement parts
  • Refinish internal plates and parts
  • Re-seal, assemble & test

Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Disassemble & Clean
  • Re-chrome rod
  • Hone barrels
  • Re-seal, assemble & test to max pressure specifications with by-pass test
  • Applications include mobile and industrial, pneumatic and hydraulic

Our Specialties