S&T was founded in 1970 with a goal to service the hydraulic community through the rebuilding & repairing of hydraulic equipment. We are proud to say that over 40 years later we have maintained a high level of hydraulic service by rebuilding equipment to exceed manufacturer’s specifications to increase productivity at a lower cost to the client.

Build and Repair

S&T repairs, rebuilds, overhauls, and troubleshoots hydraulic equipment and systems for all applications.


Client Satisfaction

Machine down time is costly but if you partner with S&T to overhaul your hydraulic components we can make this a hassle free operation. Book your pump overhaul at S&T Hydraulics and receive a delivery time that you can plan your production schedule on.

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Part Supply

We supply parts for all your hydraulic machine components from sealkits to servo pistons.


Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Made In Shop

Hydraulic hose assemblies manufactured in house while you wait

“It’s the quietest pump in my plant”

– US Customer regarding Daikin HV120 rebuilt for Nissei FN4000

“Pump is great. You and your shop are amazing”

– US Customer regarding Daikin HV166 rebuilt for Nissei